Chula summoned to CID inquire about journalist

Model Chula Pathmendra had been summoned by the CID this morning (2) to obtain a statement about LankaEnews journalist Keerthi Rathnayake who was arrested recently.

Speaking to the media after visiting the CID premises, Chula said that she was repeatedly asked as to how she knows Rathnayake and what they discussed over a phone call.

Chula said that many local ans foreign journalists called her after Mrs. Sri Lanka controversy and Rathnayake was one of them.

“Many journalists were called me at the time to inquire about what really happened at the Mrs. Sri Lanka finale. This particular journalist was one of them. I don’t have records about each and every journalist who called me at that time. I have no connection with Keerthi Rathnayake either,” she said.

I also voted for the current President. There were many controversial incident happened recently and none of the involved parties were summoned to the CID like this, she stressed.

Rathnayake was arrested over an article written by him, concerning a possible terrorist attack on Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka.